A rebel with his camera.


As my website name says, Nama Saya Manu means my name is Manu. This linguo is called Bahasa... spoken in Indonesia and Malaysia.

Described as a bird among the Maori and pacific tribes, the word Manu also defines the archetypal first man of Hindu mythology, survivor of the great flood and father of the human race.

My fellow wankers would just describe me as a rebel without a cause... how could I possibly be serious about the purpose of this website with all these lovely things said on me?

Let's be serious for a second. This website presents mainly travel photography taken over the past years around the world...

When not travelling, Nama Saya Manu is pretending to spend his spare time hanging streets like a lump Rebel. Who said I was talking about JR? Just teasing! No harsh feeling! How dare I?!

Nama Saya Manu